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"I can now button a suit jacket (with room to spare) that I haven't been able to wear in  years". ....man, you are looking good!  Keep it up!"  K.H.- Business Owner, Musician, Husband and Dad

"I've had this coat for 3 years and have NEVER been able to get the zipper above my belly button.  I've tried every diet and quick fix solution out there and NOTHING worked for me.  Now 5 weeks after training with you and Michele, I'm 11pounds lighter and can zip it up all the way!  Thank you so much!" B.C.- Dedicate Client, wife and working mom.  (She was in tears as she told my wife and I this story)


"I had a thorough Physical the other day (including an EKG Heart Scan) and my Dr. told me I have the heart of a  healthy 16 year-old!!"  45 year-old mother of 3 and Dedicated Metabolic Coaching Client.

"When I started with you I weighed 172 pounds, today only 8 weeks later, I'm 20 pounds lighter!!!"  -Executive, Busy mom, AND a Dedicated Metabolic FItness Coaching Client.

Accelerate Your Fat Loss and Get in Shape - Fast!

Here's the deal, our proprietary Metabolic Fat Loss Accelerator System is PROVEN to torch your body fat (if you follow it).

As the only 100% Fitness Coaching Facility in West Georgia, you never have to worry about what exercises to do or what to eat, our coaches provide the blueprint, all you have to do is show up (and do your part of course).

Depending on your goals and preference we can help you achieve your health and fitness goals in one of three ways:

>>>1) Personal Fitness Coaching (1 on 1)
>>>2) Small Group Fitness Coaching (2-4 people per group)
>>>3) Metabolic Group Classes: like our award-winning Ultimate Fitness Camp, RKC/SFG based Kettlebell classes and authentic TRX Body Blast classes - read more here

Which works best for YOU?

WARNING!  More and more people are jumping into the fitness industry to make a quick buck - former high school athletes, bartenders, real estate agents, you name it. 

Please do your homework, most have NO credentials OR liability insurance.  

So why should you listen to me? 
  • Athletic - Even have a photo with Olympic 100m Silver medalist (below)  
  • Fastest 5k - 17:39    
  • Marine Corps Captain - trained the World's Best. Semper Fi!
  • 45+ years old, 14% bodyfat  - <12% during summer :)   
  • Multiple Accredited Fitness Certifications
  • RKC Level 2 Kettlebell Coach
  •  Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist "CSCS" 
  • Advanced Personal Trainer Certifications (NSCA)
  • Continuing Education - Journals, Clinical Trials, Conferences and More.   
  • Corporate Wellness Clients -Atlanta Public Schools, City of Douglasville,  Dekalb County, Douglas County, Kaiser Permanente, MARTA and PrintPack, Inc., for starters.
  • Featured on Fox News Health Watch

Would you let a person who just "loves" cars work on your car?  I hope not. 

Listen, playing high school or college ball, having a nice body doesn't make anyone a Fitness Professional or "Trainer" anymore than driving a car, loving cars or even being able to change the oil in your own car makes you a mechanic.

Oh yea, here's that photo -wonder if guys will ever wear shorts that short again?  That's Sam Grady to my left (right facing), he won the Silver behind Carl Lewis who the Gold in the 100M '84 Olympics.


Anyway, regardless of what diets, "bootcamp", trainer, "fitness class" or popular workout DVD you've tried - I guarantee that our Metabolic Fitness Coaches will get YOU in the best shape of your life. Period!

Her husband likes what?

Other "gyms" don't do this... 

We are a 100% fitness coaching facility, so your workouts will always be effective and efficient. 

We want YOU to succeed, so our coaches will invest a lot of time teaching and coaching you proper movement patterns and exercise technique.  That way you can work hard enough (safely) to get the result YOU deserve!

Now this is your defining moment... 

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